“Look at her turn” one dad said, “Wow she signaled left too” her mom quipped. You see your child rounding the bend and your heart leaps when she stops looks both ways, lifts her left arm to signal a left turn and then turns. Then another kid blew thru the stop sign.  You are at the LEGOLAND driving school for kids.

With a strike of brilliance LEGOLAND developed three rides that are called “schools”. There is flying school, boating school and driving school.  The driving school is the only one that puts the kids completely in charge, by themselves, driving a car.  They go through a class explaining the stop signs and how to signal a turn.  Then they are released to choose their car and start driving.

The drive last for about five minutes, some parents were relieved when it ended; some want to see more.  After the ride you could get a driver’s license and a license plate for your child at an extra cost.  Our son acted like he didn’t care if we got the driver’s license but he wore it proudly.

But I will never forget him driving up to the intersection, stopping, looking both ways and then signaling and turning.  He looked so mature. Beaming parents and their kids walk away from the driving school. See the video:

LEGOLAND is in California and Florida.  You can get tickets or find out more on www.legoland.com