The secrets of online booking.

  1. Just because they have cheap in the name does not mean they are the cheapest. Recently I needed a flight to California in September.  I checked $169 and in fact I tried to buy the ticket but it kept rejecting me.  So I went to Expedia and not only did I find cheaper flights $129, I bought the ticket on the first try.
  2. Sometimes the actual airline will have lower rates.
  3. Not all airlines are represented on these sites. For instance Southwest is not on them.
  4. It can be hard to change your flight if you go for the cheapest ticket. To avoid a costly mistake I recommend buying travel insurance some policies are only $17.  It is cheaper than going for the other flight that is more money.  Indeed if you change your flight with the airline, they will charge you up to $150, which could be as much as the flight itself.
  5. Stay with the main airports. I have found trying to flight into smaller markets typically costs more.  For instance going to California I looked at flights to LAX and Long Beach and Orange County.  LAX was by far the least expensive and in Los Angeles LAX is close to Long Beach and driving distance to Orange County.
  6. Another option. Fly into the main airport and take a train or shuttle to the place you are going to.  Here in Cheyenne, WY Denver is the closest large airport.  Our options are take a shuttle from here – advantage – free parking however, if more than one person is going it would be better to go to Fort Collins.  Then we could drive to Fort Collins airport and catch the shuttle there.  The advantage – free parking, the shuttle costs half as much and they give you water.  If we drive to Denver we have to pay daily for parking or rent a hotel room that includes parking.  We have done it all.