There are ways to make taking a vacation even more relaxing.  Before your trip take some precautionary steps:

  1. Have toiletries ready- find small bottles at Walgreens or Walmart and fill with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, soap and anything else you use on a regular basis
  2. Do the same with vitamins, supplements and medications
  3. Make a list of what you are packing and what you want to pack. Take less than you think you will need!  You don’t need a shirt for every day.  Pack 1-2 bottoms – pants or shorts, 2-3 coordinating shirts, one sweater, and one pair of shoes that are good walking shoes.  Bring enough underwear for one week.  I will cover smart ways to pack in another post.
  4. Get a TSA Precheck. They are only $85 per person and last for 5 years.  That is 5 years of avoid long lines.
  5. Download Charmin’s sitorsquat app. This will help when you are in a new place to find nice bathrooms.